Making Ceramics in Hong Kong

Everybody like beautiful things. And instead of just looking at them, isn’t it even better if you can use them in your daily life?  Life should be enjoyed even through the tiniest details right?  That is why most of my works are tableware such as bowls, plates and cups. With a beautiful plate, delicious food can be magically elevated to a whole new different level.  With a handcrafted cup, drinking becomes an enjoyable moment and whatever in it, coffee, tea, tastes even better.  

All of my ceramic pieces are made by hand, one by one, and I am not even using casting mold because I think that would just be as cold as factory made. Therefore, each and every piece is unique and an exact replicate is impossible.  

In my work, I particularly like working with different shapes, and textures expressed through the characteristics of clay. I also like using colors that are dynamic, with layers and demonstrate depths.  All in all, I just make whatever I think is beautiful, special and unique.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like my work too!